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The History of Baldwin & Francis

Baldwin and Francis began life in 1919. Nearly one hundred years later we are still operating as one of the worlds leading suppliers of electrical equipment for hazardous and challenging environments.

1919 Baldwin Electrical Co. was formed by Mr W T Baldwin.
1928 Wilfred Francis & Co Ltd, a manufacturer of switchgear appoint Baldwin Electrical Co. as Sole Agents.
1946 Foundation of Baldwin & Francis Ltd (B&F). The leading supplier of underground electrical equipment to the UK Coal Industry.
1978 Northern Engineering Industries (NEI) acquire Baldwin and Francis.
1989 Rolls Royce merge with NEI. Baldwin and Francis continue to operate as a strategic business unit.
1990-1994 A management buy out (MBO) enables Baldwin and Francis to operate as an independent company and sees significant growth in.
1994-2014 Expansion of Baldwin and Francis into China, Russia and Canada.
Enhancement of third party certified product range.
Diversification into Industrial Process & Rail Industries.
2014 Baldwin and Francis introduce the Elite 3300v into the market as the worlds most advanced VSD.

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Energy efficiency sits at the heart of everything we do…

Good for the planet, good for reducing running costs. Baldwin and Francis are leading the way in innovative energy saving solutions without losing out on performance.

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