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Electrical System Consultancy

With close to a centuries experience working with electrical systems in hazardous and challenging environments, Baldwin and Francis staff are amongst the most knowledgable consultants in the World.

From initial concepts, through feasibility studies and recommended providers, our consultancy services are valued and respected the world over.

  • Designing and building electrical systems since 1919
  • Conceptual system designs
  • Feasibility studies and testing
  • Third Party ‘best for purpose’ recommendations
  • Experts in systems for hazardous and challenging environments


With a culture of ‘putting the customers needs first’ you can be sure of expert and impartial advice from our consultants. We are here to support, not sell.


Conceptual system designs

Nearly every project we work on starts with the questions ‘is it possible?’. We pride ourselves on the answer usually being ‘yes’.

When planning to supply electricity into a potentially hazardous environment, you can’t take any risks or shortcuts which is why we go into meticulous detail with every system we are asked to consult on.

Feasibility studies

When creating our own systems, we carry out feasibility studies as standard practice, however, we are often called in to assist third parties in assessing and testing their systems.


We are familiar with and have worked with most of the Worlds main suppliers for components in electrical systems within a wide range of industry sectors. Because of this, we know which work well and which are best suited to certain situations and configurations.

With Baldwin and Francis you are benefiting from nearly a century of valuable experience.

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To find out how well we can meet your needs, call our customer support team on
+44 (0)114 286 6000

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