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Electrical System Design

Baldwin and Francis have been designing electrical systems to operate in challenging environments since 1919. Our system design team will assist you in developing the perfect electrical system for your requirements.

Safety and energy efficiency sit at the heart of all we do here at Baldwin and Francis when it comes to designing our electrical systems

  • Designing and building electrical systems since 1919
  • Bespoke system control software solutions
  • Existing system integration a speciality
  • Experts in systems for hazardous and challenging environments


We begin by understand your specific challenges and requirements then design both the hardware and software systems required to meet your specific needs.


Electrical System Design

Baldwin and Francis have been designing and manufacturing some of the worlds safest and most reliable electrical hardware since 1919. We are specialists in delivering electric machinery that will operate in hazardous and challenging environments where human safety or monitoring and/or maintenance issues are a primary risk consideration.

We design and manufacture all our hardware in the UK to exceed the most stringent of regulations using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

If your electrical system can’t afford to fail, Baldwin and Francis is your solution.

Software system design

As the need to operate reliable and energy efficient electrical systems grows and the tolerance for downtime periods reduces, software control and monitoring of complex electrical systems has become commonplace. Our software systems team will work with you to scope a suitable system to cope with your immediate and mid-to-long-term needs. Once scoped we can build, install, test and support the system.

Integration into existing systems

Once of the greatest challenges companies often face is modifying and existing system. We are more than familiar with the challenges of getting differing components to ‘talk’ to one another while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

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