Adriyala Mine

New Longwall Coal Face for Adriyala mine of Singareni Coilery Company Ltd.

B&F supply Full Electrical Package for Asia’s biggest Longwall Coal Mine from Design through to Commissioning.




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Loadcentre, SCADA System


Adriyala, India



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The Adriyala Mine Project is one of the most ambitious and prestigious developments in India’s coal industry. The company has planned bulk production from a Longwall Project for the first time in the country at Adriyala mine in Godavarikhani, 65 KM from Karimnagar and 225 KM from Hyderabad. This Project is planned to produce about 2.4 Million tonner Per annum(MTPA) with high capacity longwall technology.

Operated by Singareni Coal Company Ltd (SCCL), the mine is the first to use 3.3kV coal face machinery and B&F was a natural choice for the electrical supply equipment.

THVC 11kV flameproof transwitches, transformers up tro 4.5kVA and CHP33 3.3kV load centres are used for the longwall mining operation, together with Stardrive 1100V variable-speed drives for the coal clearance conveyor.

B&F were also chosen to supply the surface control and monitoring, including the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, fibre networks and flameproof network switches to interconnect everything underground.

After coal production was established, B&F’s Engineering Director, Mr Paul Davis (now retired) was invited to India to present a technical paper on the Adriyala equipment at a prestigious conference.

This detailed some of the special provisions required , such as ‘tropicalisation’ of the equipment for the extremely hot (up to 40 degrees) and humid (>95% relative humidity) working conditions underground.

Again, underlining the harsh nature of the environment in which this type of equipment is expected to operate reliably, and the quality of the B&F products.

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