Electrical system reliability and efficiency are essential in today's economy. Downtime costs money and energy savings are critical to profit performance.

Baldwin and Francis design, develop and can also maintain some of the world's most advanced SCADA systems'.

Our systems are capable of monitoring and controlling:-

  • Remote device control
  • System health checks
  • Production output levels
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Alarms and warnings
  • Trending of data
  • Management reports
  • Historical data logging

Baldwin and Francis SCADA systems are designed primarily to optimise our electrical equipment, however, as they are built on an open system architecture, this enables users to monitor and control existing systems without the need to invest in new hardware or control systems.


Our primary goal has always been to ensure the maximum optimal running time for any system we design, build and install. SCADA is a natural complement to our range of services.

Our SCADA team will conduct a full survey of your existing electrical control system prior to making any recommendations.

Secure and Reliable

Baldwin and Francis SCADA systems can be delivered as part of a closed circuit for maximum data security where required. The fibre network can be specified as single line or dual line as well as the addition of an Uninteruptable Power Supply for the ultimate in fail-safe reliability.

Staff training

We offer an outsource solution for 24/47 monitoring of SCADA systems for many clients. Alternatively, we offer extensive training support for your operating and engineering staff to reduce your reliability on third party suppliers and further reduce costs.

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