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Distribution interface transformer assembly (DITA) and Distribution Feeder Soft-Start (DFSS)

Suitable for:Rail, Transport & Tunnelling

Product description

Baldwin and Francis can supply robust, high-quality Distribution Interface Transformer Assembly’s (DITA). Tailored to the customer’s specific requirements & with innovative Distribution Feeder Soft-Start (DFSS) technology also available, it has been designed and developed in compliance with current Network Rail specifications.

DITA applications

  • Interfacing and segregation between Class I and Class II installations
  • Division of a signalling power supply into smaller sections (reduced touch potentials and ‘first fault’ current, better insulation monitoring)
  • Voltage boost for long signal feeders
  • Minimisation of stray traction current when diverse traction earthing arrangements are employed

Key features

  • Modular construction for easy and fast maintenance
  • Robust, high-quality design
  • Transformer ratings from 5 to 20kVA at 400/650V
  • Long service life, high reliability and reduced maintenance
  • Fully compliant with current Network Rail specifications and BS/EN standards
  • Flexible solutions to meet all project requirements
  • Can be tailored specifically to the customer’s specifications
  • Cost-effective solution for signalling supply projects across the network
  • Standard trackside location case (LOC) in galvanised mild steel with GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and stainless steel options
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Technical Specifications

  • B&F DITA is housed in a standard trackside location case (LOC) mountable on a pre-laid concrete base
  • Designed and constructed to the following standards:
  • -Network Rail: NR/L2/SIGELP/27416, NR/L2/SIGELP/27419
  • -BS EN: 50121, 50124, 60076, 60085, 60529, 60664, 61140, 61238, 61439, 61557, 61558, 61857, ISO9001, ISO 10007,
  • -IEC: 60068
  • Basic unit 650V/650V AC, 50Hz, single-phase, 20kVA power rating (5-20kVA variants available)
  • Local earthing point and cable armour termination facilities compatible with Class II operation
  • Integral 110V AC, 50Hz, single-phase auxiliary supply for control and monitoring components
  • Integral insulation monitor for feeder cable
  • Optional integral Distribution Feeder Soft Start (DFSS) for protection against supply outages caused by current inrush events
  • Supports connection to data loggers and other interface devices for supervisory monitoring via Network Rail Intelligent Infrastructure/RADAR system


All Baldwin and Francis equipment is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. We offer several maintenance solutions to suit your specific means.

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