Eon Blackburn Meadows MCC

B&F provide essential switchgear to Sheffield Biomass plant

Blackburn Meadows in Sheffield is our biomass-fuelled combined heat and power plant that became fully operational in 2015. It uses recycled waste wood sourced from within the UK to generate energy to power homes and businesses across South Yorkshire. It also reduces carbon emissions by up to 65%.
B&F provided Design & manufacture of MCC including Gold Service Package…
The MCC consisted of

  • 415V 20 metre wide MCC 105 outgoings ways
  • 2500Amp Rated 50kA for 1 sec with a combination of Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starts, DOL Starters and Feeders
  • Full configurable intelligent starters linked via Profibus
LV MCC at B&F Factory


Manufacturing & Process

Products used

Low Voltage MCC


Sheffield, UK


Robson & Co. E-On Blackburn Meadows

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