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Elite 3.3 Variable Speed Drive

Since the first VSD installation in the early 2000’s, Baldwin & Francis have continued to enhance the efficiency, reduce the operational and maintenance costs and ensure the reliability of mines across the globe.

Throughout B&F’s 90 year history our focus on designing the most cutting edge, innovative market solutions has been key. This focus, alongside our engineering excellence at B&F, has seen us introduce a unique range of Variable Speed Drives.

The success of our first VSD’s only inspired us to further expand our product offering. Which lead – after extensive research and development – to the launch of our most sophisticated Elite 3.3 Variable Speed Drive. Exclusive to Baldwin & Francis, this dynamic and heavy duty VSD allows for maximum control with minimum effort. Its adaptability also means it can be seamlessly integrated into even the most complex and modern mines of today.
As the name suggests, the Elite 3.3 VSD is designed to operate on a conventional 3-phase mine power network for applications requiring 3300V. Specifically designed to meet the huge load demands of today’s mines. It also ensures vital efficiencies across the mine by reducing energy usage and downtime. Which is a particularly exciting development for the mining industry.

Overall, the Elite 3.3 VSD is an exceptional advancement for the mining industry, but it goes further than that. As our Engineering Director Paul Davis explains:

“The Elite is a flagship product in every sense of the word. This drive embodies the technical know-how of one of the UK’s premier universities in the Power Electronics field, combined with B&F’s rich experience and expertise in bespoke design for the mining and process industry sector. It’s been an exciting challenge to design and develop, and we look forward to its success.”

As well as our intelligent engineering, B&F also pride ourselves on
offering extremely high quality after sales service on all our
installations. With 24/7 maintenance and call out options available to
ensure peace of mind and avoid valuable down time – it is the perfect
package for the modern industries of today.

For more information about our Elite 3.3, or to request a brochure, please contact a member of the B&F Sales & Marketing team:

Phone: 0114 286 6000.

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