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Hyndland PSP

The Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) is an extensive package of improvements to Scotland’s railway infrastructure.

With a £742 million investment, the project aims to improve rail infrastructure across the country including modernisation, upgrades and the electrification of the Scottish Rail Network.

Launched in 2014, the programme has got off to a great start with successful new and redeveloped stations as well as the initiation of the electrification process – starting with the Cumbernauld line. The Hyndland PSP produced by Baldwin & Francis was part of the Anniesland Crossover Signalling Power Investment.

Baldwin & Francis have been producing Principal Supply Points (PSP’s) for over 20 years. Renowned for their quality reliability and ease of installation, they are installed across the UK rail network offering safe, reliable signalling control.


In response to the changing landscape and increasing complexity of these railway improvement projects both Network Rail and ABC’s demands across all phases were higher than ever. For this project the PSP was to be a Two Room building with a Switchboard, UPS and Traction Rectifier in the main room with the second room housing the UPS batteries. This had to be completed within 10 weeks turnaround including the design, manufacture, testing & delivery.

B&F’s Rail division rose to the challenge working in harmony with ABC to ensure this deadline was met. This required expert engineering, experience and teamwork – areas in which B&F excel.

B&F’s Chief Engineer for rail explains “For the Hyndland PSP project we were working with a new client, ABC electrification. ABC accepted our design promptly and we were able to structure the Electrical & Mechanical kits. Despite the tight timescale, our in house design and engineering teams designers came up with a number of design improvements including elements of the building integration and electrical service.”


After an extensive partnership the entire PSP, including all FAT & SAT testing, was completed within the 10 week turnaround. The approach taken by B&F in consultation with ABC resulted in the project being an adaptable multiskilled operation that continually improved with exceptional business performance from both parts through the effective use of staff resources.

Overall, it was an exciting project for B&F as the company have only produced a handful of PSP’s for Network Rail in Scotland, in comparison to England and Wales. Yet ABC and other Scottish based consultants and contractors have praised B&F for the quality of its products and services stating that they are first choice and ideal for the Scottish railways.

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