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380v – 1100v Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

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Product description

B&F introduced its first 1100V water-cooled Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to the mining market nearly 20 years ago. Since then, our product development programme has resulted in a range suitable for all types of mining applications, with ratings up to 2MW at 3.3KV.
Coal Face Conveyor (AFC), Coal Clearance, Water Pumping Systems, and Underground Ventilation and Skip Controllers are all applications for our VSD units.

Key features

The ‘Stardrive’ 1100V VSD is designed to control an induction motor (voltage range 380V up to 1140V) from standstill up to its full speed, by either simple insertion into an LV supply cable (in-line), or by mating to a flameproof transformer to create a VSD Power Centre.

A rectifier, DC link and inverter combine to create the 3-phase output to the motor, with dedicated and sensitive protection for the output. Water cooling is employed to minimize the footprint of the unit.
B&F have a proven track record with a large global installation base of these units. Simple, rugged and reliable technology is employed to reduce potential down-time and therefore reduce cost of ownership.

  • Bespoke design for mining use
  • Robust construction
  • Water-cooled using either an external water supply or B&F’s ‘Bafflo’ closed-loop cooler
  • Small size for output power rating
  • Flameproof, fully certified to the latest international ATEX/ IEC standards
  • Full control of speed and torque using a sensorless vector system – no encoder needed
  • Integrated protection
  • Integrated HMI system
  • Optional intrinsically-safe I/O
  • Optional motor fan and heater outputs  
  • Network-ready for SCADA systems etc. with support for all popular media and protocols
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    Technical Specifications

    Control voltage range 75 to 110% nominal voltage
    Supply Voltage 950V to 1140V 3 phase, 50/60Hz
    EMC emission / immunity to BSEN 61800
    Inverter Type 6 pulse, 3 phase IGBT with flux vector controller
    VSD rating up to 1000kW continuous power
    IGBT Rating 800A or 1200A
    Overload capability (conveyor) 150% FLT capability for 60 seconds
    Overload capability (AFC) (AFC) 250% FLT capability for 60 seconds
    DC link charge-up time 5-10 seconds
    Cooling Water-cooled heatsink with optional closed loop cooling system
    Stack temperature protection Thermal switches and analogue temperature transducer fitted to Heatsink
    Stack over-current protection Provided by Hall-effect CT’s mounted on the outgoing circuit
    Pre-charge contactor rating 80A air break, AC3 duty
    Input contactor rating 315/415/560A vacuum, AC4 duty


    B&F 1100V VSD units are based on a modular design concept, available with a wide range of supply voltages, output voltages and power ratings.

    • Mechanical: Sled carriage, stand-alone (in-line) or combined in single or multiple with a flameproof transformer as a VSD power centre
    • Supply voltage range: 380-1140V
    • Input rectifier: 6-pulse, rated up to 750kW with 150% overload capability
    • Inverter: 2-level, IGBT power section rated up to 750kW with 150% overload capability
    • Filtering: Input, output and DC link filters for low-noise operation
    • Output protection: Overcurrent, overload, sensitive earth fault, phase imbalance, under/ over voltage, earth continuity (pilot), loss of load
    • Optional fan output: 3-phase, up to 1100V and 4kW with overload and earth fault protection
    • Optional motor heater (anti-condensation) output: Single-phase, up to 240V with overload protection
    • Control and monitoring: Integral controller/ HMI system with monochrome display
    • Network capability: Full control and monitoring of VSD unit. Intrinsically safe RS485/ fibre Ethernet (multi or single mode). Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, Profinet, EtherNet/IP protocol options.
    • Process I/O: Optional intrinsically safe I/O up to 32 points, analogue/ digital. Optional flameproof I/O up to 8 points, digital only.


    All Baldwin and Francis equipment is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. We offer several maintenance solutions to suit your specific means.

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